The second EduFactory conference is being held on Gadigal country at The University of Sydney over the ANZAC day long weekend in 2013.

EduFactory aims to bring together radical education activists from around the country for a weekend of political discussion, skill sharing, and debates on the future of national education activism. This is also an opportunity to organize for the upcoming year’s campaigns and develop activist networks.

The objective of Edufactory 2012 was to challenge the able-bodied, gendered and racial nature of the educational institution; in 2013, the conference will use this starting point to branch out further into the realms of critical discussion.

More than ever before, Australian students require a national education activism network so that we can fight the neoliberal degree factory that is the modern tertiary institution.

With the threat of an Abbott-headed Coalition government at the next federal election, deregulation, further staff and course cuts and the privatization of HECS are increasingly possible threats.

The Australian radical left must continue to organize to defend affordable and high quality education and continue its fight towards a system of universal free education.

This will also be a great opportunity to meet like-minded education activists, challenge your conceptions about the way the system works, and challenge those of other peoples’.

Come along for a stimulating weekend of discussion, network-building and political organisation.

Let’s show all university administrations and politicians that we are serious about fighting for our education and that we are not backing down!

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